I want to tell you a story …..

download (7)A tenant was renting a 2 bedroom unit in Albion. They decided to break their lease. We advised them:
We can advertise the property for you on Realestate.com and locate a new tenant. It will cost you 1 weeks rent plus GST. The tenants were also told that they needed to vacate the property three days before the new tenants took up residence.
We wanted the 3 days so that there was plenty of time to complete the exit and if anything needed to be done either the exiting tenant could attend to it or our Office had time to organize contractors .
It appeared that they understood and agreed to be out of the unit 3 days before.
We located a suitable tenant off Realestate.com. Lovely young couple who wanted to take up residence on the 02.04.2015.
The exiting tenants kept pushing out the date to vacate. I have no idea why they did this but it was pushed out to the point where they vacated on the 01.04.15 leaving us no time to exit the property.
There was no time to get them to return the keys to our office as is normal practice with vacating tenants. I arranged for them to meet me at the unit in Albion to collect their keys at 4pm on the 01.04.15.
I entered the unit to find it still dirty, the keys were left on the kitchen bench and so I collected the keys locked the door and went back to the office.
The vacating tenant phoned me. I explained that I had collected the keys and was returning to the office as I had to arrange for a cleaner to attend the property now after hours.
The female tenant decided that this was unacceptable. She believed that I had to wait there for her even though she was running late.
I tried to explain to her that by pushing out the vacating date to the day before the new tenancy started she had prevented our office from doing what we needed to do to ensure that the new tenant had a smooth transition.
She went into a rage and at the end of her discourse reminded me that what had happened was because I was a “privileged Australian”. This young woman was of middle eastern decent.
She continued to banter me, sledge me and take out her frustrations on me! I eventually put down the phone, returned to the office and got on with what I had to do in order to finalize the break lease which she exercised and get the property clean for the incoming tenant.
The next morning I was posting an article on Facebook.
There under the reviews was this woman’s tirade of abuse, slandering me as a person, denigrating my business and to make matters worse, the tenant from the other story joined forces with this one and they both had a go posting the most obscene reviews on face-book.
The point of telling you my story, is everyone has their “truth” of what happens when they are involved in a situation. Having your “truth” doesn’t give you the right to slander, denigrate or defame someone else’s personal reputation or business reputation.
We as agents are accountable for our actions. If you have a complaint about an agent there are government bodies that accept complaints, investigate them to validate them, and if the agent is wrong, discipline or prosecute the agent.
To reduce someone’s personal and professional reputation to be equivalent to “mud” is not the Australian way no matter where you come from.

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