I want to tell you a story….

Your council tenancy

We had two young women renting a property. Their relationship (friendship) broke down and 1 moved back to her mothers. The remaining tenant stayed on for as long as she could and then decided to break lease.
When a tenancy agreement is broken and the property is vacated it is the tenants responsibility to either locate a new tenant who submits their application to the agent and the owner approves or they employ the agent to do this on their behalf. The tenant incurs the cost of the agent working for them to locate a new tenant. Usually this cost is 1 weeks rent + gst.
When one tenant moves out and the other is left to pay the full rent this is called a co-tenant issue. It was up to the existing tenants to either wear the costs associated with break lease or find someone to replace the tenant who had relocated.
In this story, one moved out, the other stayed. There were issues with rent, there were issues after the tenant vacated with cleanliness of the property, damage to the property, keys not being returned in person but being posted. The vacating tenant was someone who when not getting her way, screamed, over talked, talked down.
The matter ended up in front of QACT. The magistrate ruled that the tenancy owed $684.45. The tenancy was ordered to pay within 30 days.
The money was not paid. And because we had an order and the order was not adhered to we registered to two defaulting tenants on TICA (tenant default data base).
The tenant who was last to leave, the one that screams and yells at you when she is at fault, decided last week to pay the monies outstanding. I think it would be difficult for her to get approval to rent an agent managed property because we all use TICA to search for defaulting tenants and she was registered. So common sense has prevailed and the outstanding monies have been paid.
She also phoned our office and wanted to speak to me. She wanted to apologize for the way she behaved and left a message that she had called.
On the surface, one would think that perhaps this young woman might have done some maturing in the last 14 months and for that I am grateful.
However, the apology is received but some reticence because not only did this young woman abuse and attempt to humiliate me in my professional interaction with her she also took to face-book and slandered me and my business. She took it to her friends and had them write personal and denigrating reviews of me and my business on face-book.
I am amazed that this young woman thinks an apology 14 months after her path of destruction holds any weight. I am also surprised that she would think that my memory is so short that I would fail to hold her accountable for her menacing my business through the forum of face-book.

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