When you are paying for a service then you have every right to expect value for money, you need to feel confident that your property manager is looking after your property.

The right property manager will also ensure that you are achieving good rent returns. Much too often rent is only increased after the property is vacated and the increase is lost in the re-let fee finding a new tenant. Your property managers objective should be not only to maintain a lengthy tenancy but to also ensure that each year rent is increased in alignment with market trends.

Rent Return

The level of rent return that the market offer’s does vary at different times of the year. Due to this fluctuation, the market needs to be monitored throughout the life of your property and this means that we have to release to the market your property at timely intervals.


Large brokerages, like the franchised names, can take up to seven days to process tenant applications. This results in longer vacancy periods for the owner and frustrated tenants waiting to hear whether they are approved. Rental Trends guarantees all tenants that their application will be processed within 24 hours.

Our Principal is our Senior Property Manager and with 20 years of experience you will not find a more dedicated representative to manage your property. Supported by trained property management staff, our office works in harmony with tenants and owners alike.

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