15 Ways to Reduce your pool costs.



images (15)       It’s that time of year when we start to use swimming pools on the regular. That means filters on longer, heating systems running (if you use them) and lots of topping up of pool water.

Here are five tips to help you save some money on your pool’s running costs this summer.
1. Check filter times
If you have off peak charges available on your energy bill, consider running the pool pump during those hours to minimize the cost. Be sure to consider neighbors before you change times as the noise of the pumps running during the night may not be appreciated. If you don’t already have a timer, consider getting one and program it according to your needs.
Also check the filter is only running for the number of hours it really needs to – many run for longer than necessary. Timers are cheap to buy and easy to install. If you don’t already have a timer, consider getting one and program it according to your needs.
2. Clean filter baskets regularly
Blocked filters put stress on the pumps and reduce the efficiency of the motors. Check and clean the filter baskets every few days, or more if you’re in an area with lots of leaves dropping into the pool. This helps the pumps and motor work better and helps extend the life of the equipment.
3. Use a pool cover
Evaporation is a big thing in pools and by simply using a pool cover you can reduce your water evaporation by up to 90%. Covers also help to keep the water cleaner and the temperature to around 6C to 8C higher.
This makes it warmer to get into and reduces heating system costs. If you have a cover, be sure to use it. If not, some water authorities still offer rebates to assist with the cost of installing them. Using a pool cover can reduce your water evaporation by up to 90%.
4. Heating systems
Pool heaters are used in some parts of the country and can be expensive to run. If you’re heating your pool choose solar over gas or electricity-based systems. Remember to use your solar heater during the day when the sun is out to heat the water (not overnight). To save a bit more, consider dropping the temperature by a degree or two so that it has less work to do.
5. Save water
Topping up pool water can add significant costs to your water bills. Use a pool cover to reduce the loss from evaporation, and discourage kids splashing, bombing and diving excessively as it can drain water in the pool quickly.
If you have a rain water tank use that to top the pool up. If you don’t have a rain water tank, consider getting one. With water prices rising faster than electricity it’s worth the investment.


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